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I've used Art's Cyclery for the past 3 years almost exclusively after being referred to them by a fellow rider who knows how many miles I put on my bike. I've had all kinds of work done, components replaced, shifting adjustment, etc. Even a last minute cable replacement the night before a race. I've never had a return visit because something wasn't done right the first time. The staff there has always been friendly, courteous and helpful. Whether you live here in SLO or shop online, I highly recommend them. I'm confident that you'll be impressed with their knowledge, service, and sales.

There are a ton of worthy causes to support but I've chosen the Arizona Burn Foundation as my main charity. Click on the picture above to be redirected to their website.

Click HERE to find out how to donate through ultra-cycling.com.

This is a list of upcoming events that I either thinking about or I have registered for the event. If you'd like to join me please click on the Contacts tab and submit the form.



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If you click on the logo above you'll get a 15% discount by typing ultra15 in the Promo Code box at checkout. If you save enough please consider donating to the Charity above. If not, enjoy your savings and ride on!

  • Southern Inyo Double - 4/1/17
  • Hemet Double - 4/15/17
  • Central Coast Double - 5/13/17
  • World Time Trial Championships - 11/3/17


Simply put, you just can't be an ultra-cyclist without superior nutrition. I've used their products for over 6 years now and I couldn't have completed a 400 Mile event in just over a day without using the best endurance fuel out there.

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